Books: State and Societal Challenges in the Horn of Africa

Dear friends! I am the co-author of the present book, please take a look in the chapter 5. I’m passionate to Africa. You can download it here.

Book WH

The Bravo Esmolfe Apple: the best in world?

The Bravo Esmolfe apple is Portuguese and unique in the World. Esmolfe, is also the name of the village where everything started, located in Penalva do Castelo – a county in the interior center of Portugal. It is believed that this apple is more than 200 years old, and it distinguishes itself by their scent, intense flavor, sweetness and unique sapid qualities. It is singular and excelent to health. According to some academic studies, this apple has phytochemical properties that help the human body to prevent various cancers. Accompanied by Serra da Estrela, its excellent to consume between meals or as a dessert. I dare you to prove!

By João Poças

Old School

Portuguese Museum of Natural History, Lisbon.

The Adventure of Geocaching

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, that sometimes collaborate in this blog, showed me the Geocaching. Well, i’ve heard about it earlier, but never paid a lot of attention. After trying, I realize that is a very interesting way to spend your free time and an excellent opportunity to find and share places. Do you know that feeling, specially during the holidays, of “I’ve nothing to do”… Well, Geocaching could be the solution. It is also a good sports catalyst. Grab your bike and GPS and start looking for the Caches. Enjoy!

The Medieval Enchantment

The Medieval Era is mysterious due to the absence of light. The age of Kings and Princesses with absolute power is over. Now, recreations of medieval environments is the only place where we can actually see the “people”, the clergy, the nobility  and the royal court… Enjoy the Medieval Fair of Santa Maria da Feira!


Old books, old friends

Lets think about the real value of a book. Is priceless, for me. As long as we have books around, we are not alone. They can work as a treatment for sadness, loneliness… They bring joy and, most important, make you think. When you are engaged in creative writing, looking at the work of others, expressed in books, might be the solution for your lack of inspiration. And that’s more – the touch, the smell, the look, the charm, the enchantment… Books help us to define, or redefine, the goals of our life.

Old books, old friends? Well, by buying old books you are actually buying two stories. The story in the book and the story of the book. I like to imagine who were the previous owners and, if possible, try to find them. Last month a bought The Germania, written by Tacitus (roman writer), in an antiques fair. The book is 70 years old, and I found the previous owner. Well, just the family because he was dead. Fortunately, some people write their name in the books, making the discovery much easier. That was the case. Although this is a very interesting hobby, sometimes is sad to see that the family of the previous owner don’t give any importance to the library heritage. And that is sad…


Ferreira, the Wine Cellar

Dear friends, the Witty Herald is back, after a long break. To mark this beginning we have a post about the Cellars of Port Wine. Some might think that this cellar is located in Oporto, but it isn’t.  It is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, which stands in the opposite riverside of the Douro. Although the cellar is more than 200 years old, it remains operational. So, this represents a good opportunity to try the best reserve wine and visit the historic cellar of Dona Antónia. Just for 5 euros!

What is your favorite Corvette?

My favorite Chevy is the 1953 Corvette. It is amazing – beautiful, cabriolet, sharp and powerful. It represents the beginning of an era, the American economic supremacy. We can talk about the Buick 1955 or the 1957 Cadillac, but the Corvette is a remarkable brand that keeps on running. To prove my statements, there is some photos of my favorite small scale car from my childhood!

Do you prefer it in blue?

Her special world

A few days ago I went to a stand up comedy show in my home town. During the funny and interesting performance of the comedian, I realize that there were a old couple with a special daughter. Everything was normal in that family, but the youngest member has a brain that does not work like ours. She was in her 40s and was probably wearing his mother clothes. Different is the correct word, because she can think as we do, but the construction of the reality and the variables and dynamics of the thinking process are distinct. She is constantly in a different world that we cannot understand, and because of that we called her retarded. What caught my attention was her reaction to the jokes. Nothing, she didn’t move any face muscles. Thought we share the same physical space, we live in totally different worlds. 

Inaccessible Monasteries

The Men efforts to reach God…

Taktshang Monastery, Bhutan

Sumela Monastery, Turkey

Holy Trinity, Greece 

Mount Huashan, China

Agia Roussanou, Greece

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka 

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