Books: Sunset Park, by Paul Auster

“Her name is Pilar Sanchez, and he met her six months ago in a public park, a purely accidental meeting late one Saturday afternoon in the middle of May, the unlikeliest of unlike encounters. She was sitting on the grass reading a book, and not ten feet away from her he too was sitting on the grass reading a book, which happened to be the same book as hers, the same book in an identical soft-cover edition, The Great Gatsby, which he was reading for the third time since his father gave it to him as a present on his sixteenth birthday.”   

When the love story begins with a book, everything is prettier.

2 thoughts on “Books: Sunset Park, by Paul Auster

  1. Paul Auster is a god. When I grow up I want to write just like him. But I will never grow up. He is not just a brilliant writer, he is incredibly easy to read. I recommend him to anyone learning English – his work gives them confidence and makes the mountain they are climbing a little less steep.

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