Opinion: Africa can save Europe

Export, export, export. This is the word that European leaders say everyday. But the main question is: export to where? The United States of America is dealing with an economic crisis, people are loosing purchasing power. South America? That’s a good option, they speak Portuguese and Spanish, both European languages. The problem is the distance. Asia? An excellent idea. But if we consider South America distant, Asia is a faraway land. Of course we can, and must, export to these continents, but what about Africa? They speak European languages, have good relations with Europe and share common interests. However, they don’t have middle class. The consumption is huge when a country has this class. Imagine an African continent fulfilled with purchasing power, buying cars, houses, computers, cloths, phones, perfumes, furniture,… Africa is so close to Europe, the transport costs would be whimsy. Maybe one day.  

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