History: Clyde Tombaugh, the man who found Pluto

He was different, he was special. Curious, brave, smart, persistent, observer. Clyde Tombaugh was just an amateur astronomer, but he found Pluto when has just 24, without any degree. Despite his age, he built three telescopes like a real astrophysicist or engineer. We cannot forget that he was born in 1906 in the state of Illinois. His parents were farmers and Clyde had a lot of experience o the plow. He wasn’t afraid of being called weird because of his visionary thinking, and because of his devotion to astronomy he found six star clusters, two comets, hundreds of asteroids and dozens of galaxy clusters. His words describe him perfectly: “I always wanted to know what exists on the other side of the mountain”. He died in 1997 and believed until the end – “We are not the center of the universe. We are not so important. And we are not alone”.

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