Opinion: Bullets hurt

Yesterday I saw Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. It’s an interesting start to reflect about “the war”. I’m not going to make a conceptual approach, of course. Instead, my thoughts will have a human view. War is hell, I believe! It makes people crazy, destroys families and homes. Why are we fighting? Well, the reason is in our genetic code. We are fighting animals. Let’s look at the primitive human being. Since the beginning, man fight man for reasons associated with power. What is a leader without anything to manage? War is the most primitive way to reach strategic goals: water, land, oil… Let’s face it, war is impossible to stop. In some cases, organized violence is the only way to get stability, and it’s also a very lucrative business. Trillions of  dollars are spent every year in Iraq and Afghanistan. Private companies in the sector are responsible for a lot of lobbies. In conclusion, is our duty to do everything possible to avoid that dirty attitude called war.

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