Opinion: Yanomamis and the Show of Force

Presently, the term Show of Force (SOF) is commonly used in the media and universities. It means the demonstration of power by someone towards an enemy or adversary, making him scared and afraid of their capabilities. An example, when an army marches on the boarder. The general message is: “be careful, I have powerful weapons, strong men and money enough to start and support a conflict”. These words don’t explain the concept, but help to understand it.

This is a good starting point to a reflection. The SOF isn’t new. The primitive Yanomamis use an identical SOF, they call it Waiteri, their own ferocity code. Voluntarily, they submit themselves to extreme violence, showing their capacity to support pain and their fighting skills. Sometimes, they hit their own wives in the name of Waiteri.  In conclusion, the Show of Force or the Waiteri had the same goal, deter the enemies. I can’t see the difference between the modern and primitive days.

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