History: The origin of the Roman tactics

The Roman  Art of War was very flexible and efficient. But where did it come from? Although the Romans say that their heritage comes from the Etruscan people, we know that they were also influenced by the Greeks. In other words, they used the Hoplite Phalanx, highly compact and impenetrable in frontal contact, and it worked out as their tactical base. But how did they evolve into the Triple Axis tactic, famous for its testudo formation? Well, during the  conflict with the Gauls, the Romans noticed that they used a loose formation, more dynamic and maneuverable, making the phalanx less accurate. With that tactics, the Gauls could easily penetrate the Romans lines. The solution? More mobility in the battle field. They created small handles of soldiers and introduced the Triple Axis formation. Thus, Romans proved their adaption capability, creating maneuverability by abandoning  an old tactic. They also abandoned the spear and replace it with the Pilum, a throwing weapon.

One thought on “History: The origin of the Roman tactics

  1. Wrong. Romans initially adopted Greek style tactics. But it was after the war with the Samnites, that the Roman adopted Samnite tactics such as the dynamic manipular formations. The Samnite used such tactics and were able to beat the phallanx formations

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