China, the first maritime superpower

Prior to Europe’s maritime endeavor, China sent a huge fleet to discover the world. Sometimes, we think history with Europe in its base, which is not correct. To understand the global world, we must diversify our perspectives. Between 1405 e 1433, the Admiral Zheng He led the Chinese armada towards distant points of the world: India, Java, Ormuz, Horn of Africa. This huge armada was big in size, sophistication and in number. It was much bigger than the famous Spanish and Portuguese Armadas, nearly 150 years away. It is legitimate to think that they were the superpower of that period. In my point of view, they didn’t reach Europe because of the Mongol’s Invasion. This event forced the Ming’s Dynasty to cut the Armada funds. This attitude doesn’t mean that the Chinese power is afraid of contact with the exterior, instead it was an necessity.

Zheng He’s ship compared to Columbus’s

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