South Sudan, the new country

Europe crisis is on the top of the agenda, but the world is a bigger place. Sudan was divided in two – the north (Khartum) and the south (Juba). The U.S. was the mentors of this separation. The main question is associated with the reasons of this solution. Were the political, tribal and religious divisions the only reasons?

The North is muslim and the South is Christian. The U.S. has good relations with the latter, which has 80% of the total oil in the country. The problem is that the South Sudan does not have a connection to the ocean and has few oil refineries. On the other hand, Khartum has huge infrastructures, most of theem paid by China, which imports most of the Sudanese oil.

In my point of view, I believe that this separation has more than domestic reasons. For example, the Abyei region and the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile are still very unstable, people die every day. So, this can be an agile move by the U.S. to confront the Chinese influence in that African region. With the new political landscape, the Chinese Government needs to apply an intensive diplomatic endeavor in the new country.

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Photos by Barbara Davidson (Los Angeles Times)

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