We are born to die

In the past, the elder was the symbol of wisdom and was respected by the society.Today, they’re despised and, in some cases, set aside of their own family. The youth must realise that we can’t be forever young and our day will come. Sometimes they can be really annoying, but because they care. Society must look to them as an added value. They experienced so many challenges – labour, war, family, economic crisis, revolutions, diseases… In times of economic crisis, our grandparents are the best counselors. They lived the Second World War, a real crisis with people facing hunger and dying in the battlefield. For the benefit of our society, we must respect the elders and try to learn their lessons. Never forget, our journey starts in the cradle.

7 thoughts on “We are born to die

  1. This age is the age of specialization, and people are regarded as tools, to be used and discarded when they become too worn to function well for the task at hand. It is a dangerous time. Life on the edges, the very young, the very poor, the very old or infirm become marginalized.

  2. This is a cultural matter — our society is going through a stage of decadence at the end of its great empires. Asians and Africans have not lost respect for their elders — at least not to nearly such a great degree.

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