The Loneliness of Fishermen

The fishermen are proud, courageous and strong men. They consider their labor as an art, making them artists. Only a few can reach this status. Unfortunately, they are becoming old and only a few wants their heritage, nobody wants a hard life in the sea. Nevertheless, we can’t forget that this labor art helped the evolution of the European society and civilization – the Phoenicians were a Mediterranean power because of their sailing and fishing skills. Today, the times has changed and industrial fishing and aquaculture leads the sector all over the world, sometimes destroying resources and habitats. However, traditional fishing is not dead. Every day, brave men enter in danger waters in their small boats and fight to bring to the land the best fish. They know where to find it, without any electronic devices. The knowledge of the life is singular and accurate.

5 thoughts on “The Loneliness of Fishermen

  1. When is our technology too advanced? We’ve pondered that question for ages. Our technology surpassed us when gunpowder was used in weaponry. Somehow the ecosphere has managed to get along in spite of us. Until recently, anyway.

    The photos are artistic and contemplative.

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