Napoleon’s Wisdom, two

One day, Napoleon Bonaparte said: “words are everything”. How can a general win a battle when “words are everything”? The core of this expression was the morale of the soldiers. In the end of the XVIII and beginning of the XIX, the European warfare was based in massive armies, aligning in front of each others. “Fire”! “Reload”! Hundreds, even thousands, of bullets crossed the battlefield. The dust precluded the vision and the noise was thunderous. In this conditions, the ability to convince the soldier to stand up and shoot was primordial. To win battles, Napoleon used more than military tactics. His strategy also held up in scholasticism. He had to mobilize the people and rhetoric is essential. This can be used in multiple fields, business, politics, teaching, and many more. The point is interpretation.

9 thoughts on “Napoleon’s Wisdom, two

  1. We are evolving to an understanding of the oneness of Humanity and all Life. While there is, and always has been power in words, there is a growing awareness of the spirit and intent of words that are becoming more transparent to many. It’s a good leap forward. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts. Shelley

  2. I don’t think any of these guys of his age were very smart military tacticians at all. Lining up soldiers face to face for a Dodge City shootout. WW I not much different. At the Somme France lost 50,000 men a day to German machine guns.. Thanks visit my blog.

  3. There was another man that lived in your area. His name wasVariatus; a simple shepherd turned warrior. He embarrased the Romans more than once. I often wondered what power of persuasion he held.
    Your blog looks excellent. I will follow. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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