How politicians lived before the Photoshop

In the original photo, in the right, Abraham Lincoln looks older. The politicians of the past showed concern with their image.

In this imperial picture, Mussolini removed the horse holder.

Removing persons from the photos were a common technique. Here, Stalin removed this young commissar.

Even the most famous photo of the II World War was changed. In the original, one Russian soldier carries a watch.

14 thoughts on “How politicians lived before the Photoshop

  1. Reblogged this on OnlyArt and commented:
    Photos can speak loudly. The altered ones make the people look stronger and better leaders. I especially like the 2nd photo: the altered one looks like a strong commanding leader on the front lines ready to go to battle and the original looks like a child getting a pony ride. Lol.

  2. Public relations and propaganda are great ways to fine tune or even remake the image of someone or something. Way back in the day, I worked on our high school’s annual staff. We had to routinely retouch faculty photos. They were more tweaks than anything drastic as in these examples. But we only had glass plates and 35mm film as source visuals. There was no Photoshopping done in 1969 or 1970. We used the dodge and burn techniques to alter photos.

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