Syria, the revolution is going on

Syria is a place to die. The ruler is killing his own people, spreading the blood of his countrymen. Is Al-Assad a crazy man? No, he’s not. The answer is much more complicated. To reach the power, politicians need to concentrate wills and powers. He can’t simply leave and run. That could be his ticket to death. The shifting must be progressive, otherwise Russia and China will never approve the revolution. The approach is not correct, because killing thousands of people shall never be the  solution. Al-Assad need to understand that he is almost alone in the world, and abandon the power progressively is the right choice.  Syrian people is fighting and dying for freedom, and they will not quit. Russia and China will have to approve a security resolution if the slaughter continues. Goodbye Assad.

One thought on “Syria, the revolution is going on

  1. Very true! I just hope it happens sooner rather than later! Obrigado pela visita a nosso blog! Eu morei na Lisboa por um ano. Adorei e tenho muitas saudades! Especialmente do vinho verde y bacalhau com natas! 🙂 ¡Saludos del Perú!

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