A precious tool to recover Southern Europe

Europe is facing a huge economic crisis, most significantly in the southern countries. What is the solution? We can work on multiple answers, and the tourism sector is one of them. We have a warm weather and a sunny landscape. The shores have beautiful beaches and the cities are filled with historic places. The wine and the food are divine! A bottle of red wine, cheese in homemade bread and a warm breeze are the perfect combination to begin the evening. The olive oil and the aromatic salsa turn every forkful into pleasure. We visited the International Tourism Exhibition, in Lisbon, in order to learn more about the sector. There are entrepreneurs, high quality products, suitable roadmaps and political will. Time is precious. Southern Europe is waiting for tourists.

By João Poças

2 thoughts on “A precious tool to recover Southern Europe

  1. Portugal is one of the most wonderful countries to visit. The food is amazing, and the people are incredibly nice (and we traveled with 3 small children). Spain is the only southern European country I have yet to visit, but that area of the world is my favorite. I personally volunteer to remedy the lack of tourists: I just need a patron!

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