No words, just silence.

15 thoughts on “No words, just silence.

  1. Beautiful photos, thanks for your interest in my blog also, I am fascinated by religion especially street evangelists. Something beautiful about the traditions and rituals here.

  2. These photos are great, so evocative of time and place. I’m always fascinated by this kind of religious street theatre and the sense of occasion which marks religious festivals. Our celebrations in northern Europe are quite dull by comparison but one of my ambitions is to be in Spain or Portugal for Easter, maybe not this year but soon. Thank you for the timely reminder!

  3. Stunning photo essay — I am glad someone asked where this was taking place and you answered. I am confident it is a sight to behold, and experience. Thank you for sharing!

      • Thank you. I hope to soon do a blog on my favorite Iberian place “The Extremedura.” I think that part of the old extremedura crosses over the border and includes Portugal. Am I right or wrong on that?

      • Extremadura is an autonomous community of Spain and it borders with Portugal, not including it. At the present time, the portuguese Estremadura region lies in the capital, Lisbon. However, the etymology of the word Estremadura is the same in all Iberian Peninsula.Thank you for your comment!

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