Japan, one year after the catastrophe

The earthquake changed Japan, the oldest state, and showed the world that nature can destroy an economy in seconds. As a result, towns were completely destroyed, thousands of people died and a nuclear meltdown almost put at risk the survival of the nation. Never forget, we are talking about Japan, one of the most technologically advanced society.

2011 Miyako 2012

2011 Otsuchi 2012

2011 Minamisanriku 2012

2011 Minamisanriku 2012

8 thoughts on “Japan, one year after the catastrophe

  1. That happened on my birthday.

    Are these your pictures? I’m not the copyright police and don’t intend to be, but they look like pictures that were in the news last year, and those pictures are copyrighted by the various agencies and photographers. If they are not yours, you should provide attribution for them at the very least. The best thing to do is to simply provide links to copyrighted images unless you get permission to post them.

  2. It’s going to be a long process to rebuild. I wish them all the best. We had a friend, now deceased, who lived in Nagasaki when the bomb hit. She was away at the time and survived it. That was really a grim situation. Now you’d never know it ever happened.

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