Falkland Islands, the struggle

As in 1982, the Falkland Islands are on the top of the international agenda. That Atlantic islands are sought by Argentina, but the United Kingdom has the sovereignty. In the eighties, Margaret Thatcher led and won the war against Argentina, becoming a patriotic leader and consolidating the Conservative Party Government. Today, President Cristina Kirchner is working in the global sphere to find support and conditions to pressure the British nation in order to, in her words, restore Argentine islands. In 1982, the war was like this:

Photos by Julian Thompson, BBCA Royal Navy Wessex 5 helicopter delivers mortar ammunition to the front line during mountain battles above Port Stanley.

Royal Marine patrol passing the submerged fin of the Sante Fe at South Georgia.

The destroyer HMS SHEFFIELD on fire after being struck by an AM39 Exocet missile fired by an Argentine aircraft.

A column of 45 Royal Marine Commandoes march towards Port Stanley.

Two Royal Marines of 3 Commando Brigade “blacked up”.

The flag is hoisted by the 40 Commando, Royal Marine at Port Howard.

7 thoughts on “Falkland Islands, the struggle

  1. The last Falkland war cost me a trip on the QE2. My family and I were ticketed to sail (or should I say “Motor”) back to the US after 2 years of working in Europe. But alas and alack, the QE2 had burned out her bearings getting troops to Falkland. So in the end it seemed like a noble cause to give up our tickets and fly back on Lufthansa (although not quite as exciting). Thanks for the nice post.

  2. Heh, thanks for the post. I spent part of last week on YouTube reviewing videos dealing with the Falklands War thinking I might write a post on the subject.

    I followed the original story with great interest back in the 80’s and remembered it’s the 30 year anniversary. I wonder if today’s Great Britain would react as Thatcher did 30 years ago? And even if they wanted to, could they meaning does Britain have the capacity to react?

    In any event, the British achieved a remarkable victory against the Argentines who clearly underestimated Thatcher’s resolve.She wasn’t called the Iron Lady for nothing.

    • I agree Bruce!

      I think that a war is unlikely today. I believe in a diplomatic warfare, specially in the United Nations. Argentina needs to gather support from major actors in order to pressure and seek a transition. In my point of view, a war is not the best path, maybe a referendum, which Great Britain approves. Of course that the polls will favor the UK! One thing is for sure, Britain will not cede!

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