Berlin had a wall

In 1961, Germany was divided in two by a huge stone wall called Berliner Mauer. It is easy to remember the day when the wall fell, in 1989. But, what about the beginning. Fortunately, the British photographer Don McCullin was in Berlin and immortalized that historic event.


8 thoughts on “Berlin had a wall

  1. My mother grew up in Berlin, and I spent a year there as a child when her marriage was on the rocks. She lived near the Alps when the wall went up. I remember how upset she was about her city being cut in two, and not being able to visit some of her relatives. ‘You can’t wall off ideas,’ she used to say, but died too early to see the damn thing come down.
    Thanks for liking my post – here is everywhere.

  2. I’ve never seen these photographs before. It never occurred to me look for photos of the day the Berlin Wall was built.

  3. People need to remember that Russia built that wall. Many died trying to escape the horrors of Communism which is beginning to show it’s ugly head in the USA!

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