Today is a sad day

This post is necessary. North Korea tried to launch a ballistic rocket under the argument of spacial endeavor. Pyongyang is lost in the past, they did not wake for the post Cold War period. The men in office want to be a nuclear superpower, instead of creating quality of life to their citizens. North Korea is an impoverished nation with a deficit of 400,000 tons of food every year. The launch site cost $400 million and the rocket and payload cost an additional $450 million. So, the impoverished nation destroyed $850 million. The regime propaganda must be very accurate and the regime must be relentless about insubordination, because people might get angry. History shows that most of the fighting rebels join the cause when they have nothing to loose. Hunger could be the ignition.

Photo by AFP:


7 thoughts on “Today is a sad day

  1. Communism is all about absolute power over people by corrupt illigitimate leaders who lie, cheat, steal and kill to remain in power. They don’t have the best interests of the people in mind, only their selfish selves.

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