Life before Radar

There was times where the airplanes were free. The air warfare was just a baby and the sound was the only way to detect an incoming enemy. While we were waiting for the Radar system, the military developed a very simple method – the Acoustic Ears. Have a look!

15 thoughts on “Life before Radar

  1. I had actually seen the second one, which shows the Japanese Emperor inspecting air defences.

    The first two look like very noisy musical intruments, while the last one, I feel, should feature one end fixed to the man’s mouth and the other to his backside.

  2. The first one makes me want to say Ri-co-la!! If it were their time, I could see Stalin or Kim Jong Ill parading the second through the streets of their capital city along with the other equipment. Or perhaps Robert Preston selling them to a town, changed from the Music Man to the Air Raid Preparedness Man…

  3. Interesting! Do you major in history of Science & Tech? This is very fascinating, imagine what “technology” was before we had this very laptop I’m typing on? I was fascinated similarly about the ENIAC – a “computer” of the past…check it out too!

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