Journalism was assassinated

A newspaper can be a very powerful weapon, having a tremendous impact in the public opinion. In Uganda, the Rolling Stone newspaper featured, in the front-page, a list of Uganda’s 100 “top” homosexuals, with a bright yellow banner across it that read: “Hang Them.” Alongside their photos were the men’s names and addresses. This is not journalism, it is a direct attack to the Human Rights, it is a crime. I do not remember to see such an outrage – a newspaper encouraging the people to kill. Journalism must inform and give the necessary tools to enable the reader to create his own opinion. I must say that this paper distributed in Uganda is not a newspaper, it is an homophobic manifesto devoid of knowleadge and rationality. This kind of behavior reflects a lack of tolerance and respect. Africa really needs to invest in education, because the Rolling Stone’s article send us back the the medieval era.

14 thoughts on “Journalism was assassinated

  1. I respect your diligent work. You are right – this is not journalism, it is an open call to murder and definitely represents a return to medieval times. Keep up your investigative reporting!

  2. This is horrifying! When was this article published? Is it recent? I hate to admit this, but lots of newspapers in the world are not as free as we would like them to be. So many of them are mouthpieces for political parties or individuals, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a paper that is openly encouraging murder!

  3. It was not done as expressly but you must not forget our newspapers and media that supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – without producing the facts on whether the attacks were legitimate.

    In some ways, this was worse than this Ugandan example because of the access to wealth, resources and education in our society.

    Whenever we fault other nations, we should acknowledge our own horrible failings to avoid being seen as hypocritical.

  4. It is worth mentioning here that the advocacy or acquiescence to mass murder is not unusual in Western media. Just consider the newspapers that were supporting the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions by the West. The evidence showed that the invasions would cause mass civilian deaths. These newspapers did not look too closely whether there was valid reasons to invade these countries, they just blindly accepted that it was right to do so.

    In some senses, this is an even greater crime than this Uganda example. Our journalists are educated, informed and well-resourced – living in relatively stable societies with established principles of human rights etc. etc. And, yet, the journalists barely put up any resistance to our governments’ acts of major terrorism.

    Whenver we in the West fault other nations (and it is legitimate to fault this horrible Ugandan case) we should acknowledge our own worse failings or risk being disregarded as hypocrites.

  5. Sorry for little misprint- should be: “encouraging to beat photogs” not “to bite photogs”. But I think it’s question of time. Sorry for sarcasm.

    • Thank you for the information! But i still think that the case in Uganda is more complicated. Although both cases are reprobate, there is a big diference between “Beat” and “Hang them”. Encourage to kill is an hediondos crime. Thanks for your comment, keep in touch!

  6. “I do not remember to see such an outrage – a newspaper encouraging the people to kill.”
    Hmmm… In Poland some very popular radio speakers encouraging listeners to bite photographes after some third sort polish actor hited photographer with his forehead breaking photographer nose and glasses. Very nice…I think Uganda is not the only one wild country on the map.

  7. Africa is quite different to Europe or the US of A. I came to realize this soon after I arrived in Jo’burg. To think African countries with our standarts does not work. There is a totally different culture, education, … and there are a whole lot of tribes who often are at war since a time nobody can remember. In my view (after living for a longer while in Africa), it seems quite a strange step to call for murder in a newspaper rather than just necklacing these people in question or chopping them to pieces with your handy cutlass. Maybe this totally unacceptable newspaper article rather shows that there has been a lot of change already. Sadly enough I think if there is need for a newspaper article to call in murder, things have been improved.

    • Africa has huge problems, but political evolution starts with the respect of Human Rights and Personal Liberty. The main problem of Africa, in my opinion, is the lack of respect towards the ethnolinguistic borders. I am sorry to disagree, but i am not comparing Africa to US or Europe. I am talking about international law approved by the UN – where African countries have presence – and defending that this article is against the journalism real goals. Thank you for your opinion, and keep in touch Otto! 🙂

      • I am totally with you.
        What I have a little trouble with is our(!) way to perceive this whole matter. We tend to look at all this from our World and we thereby overlook that Africa is facing a huge amount of troubles caused by Europe (eg. by drawing nice straight borders without ever thinking about the people who live in the newly designed countrys).

        Do not get me wrong, I totally agree with you about Journalism and that there is a long long way to go, but my reaction to this was rather a:
        “Oh wow, they have time to trouble themselfs about homosexuality and write about it in a newspaper”

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