War and the Pulitzer Winners

Unfortunately, war is the word, again. The Pulitzer winners have been anounced. This were the winners in the photo section. This shows the real world, where life has a different meaning. I always thank for being born in a peaceful place…

Massoud Hossaini of Agence France-Presse won the Breaking News award for his “heartbreaking image of a girl crying among a pile of dead bodies after a suicide bomber’s attack at a crowded shrine in Kabul.”

Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post won the Feature Photography prize for chronicling “Colorado resident Scott Ostrom’s struggles with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.”

5 thoughts on “War and the Pulitzer Winners

  1. All over the world children are suffering as a consequence of war and economic desperation. There can be no justification for what we witness through this image – guilty bystanders we are if we don’t work towards peace wherever we might live and insist on a political resolution of the great problems of our time. Prize-worthy this image is not because it feeds our curiosity but because it is a political statement about our own disengagement as well as the link to a situation that might be taking place far from our own front door but in answer to our common need of and greed for resources. Thank you for posting.

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