Enterprise Last Flight

It is time to rest and show to the world this great peace of engineering, the Enterprise – NASA’s first space shuttle. His last home will be in New York. The Space Race has heroes and the Enterprise is one of them. Although it was never in space, it inspired its brothers, like the Columbia and Discovery. Enterprise were always in the front line!

Photos by Publico


5 thoughts on “Enterprise Last Flight

  1. Living in Florida, we’ve seen many shuttle launches, and we have seen them fly by on the back of the 747. We also periodically visit the Kennedy Space Center. We saw the Discovery close up a few weeks ago after its last flight. It was great.

  2. It’s true that the fight to reach space, even if it was mostly to prove superiority to the other nations in the beginning, was great. Even though it seems to have slowed down a bit, seemingly because the economy has (sadly) gone from scientists experimenting without economic interests and discovering incredible things to a more money-based research in most fields.
    Of course there are still people out there that have the kind of spirit (and, lucky for them, the kind of money) necessary to build and realise dreams and experimental companies that have nearly no (according to modern economists) chances to gain any money. One example are those billionaires that are, apparently, going for a spatial mining company ! http://www.planetaryresources.com/ .

    But one thing is sure, Enterprise did a good job.

    My Greetings, peter.

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