The Superpower Attacks Again

Senior military leaders are recommending that the Pentagon’s two-year-old cyberwarfare unit be elevated to full combatant command status, sending a signal to adversaries that the U.S. military is serious about protecting its ability to operate in cyberspace. Created in 2010 at Fort Meade, the Cyberwarfare Unit employs about 750 people — far fewer than most combatant commands — and now reports to Strategic Command, based in Omaha. The new combatant command could enhance the protection of the military forces and the diplomatic realm in the cyberspace. This action emphasizes the importance of this sphere as a strategic priority.

I am OK with the USA’s hegemonic position, but why the military? The US leads the information and technological worldwide market with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Intel… They are the best, they are civilians. For security reasons, the cyberspace must be a concern for all states, but I believe that the military are not the best group to enhance the law enforcement in this field. Leave it to the civilians, and let the military do the real warfare.

5 thoughts on “The Superpower Attacks Again

  1. We need not only defense on this subject but also offensive capability to ensure that those attempting to find the US weakspots are aware of their own weakspots. The best defense is a strong offense. That is the reason.

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