Old books, old friends

Lets think about the real value of a book. Is priceless, for me. As long as we have books around, we are not alone. They can work as a treatment for sadness, loneliness… They bring joy and, most important, make you think. When you are engaged in creative writing, looking at the work of others, expressed in books, might be the solution for your lack of inspiration. And that’s more – the touch, the smell, the look, the charm, the enchantment… Books help us to define, or redefine, the goals of our life.

Old books, old friends? Well, by buying old books you are actually buying two stories. The story in the book and the story of the book. I like to imagine who were the previous owners and, if possible, try to find them. Last month a bought The Germania, written by Tacitus (roman writer), in an antiques fair. The book is 70 years old, and I found the previous owner. Well, just the family because he was dead. Fortunately, some people write their name in the books, making the discovery much easier. That was the case. Although this is a very interesting hobby, sometimes is sad to see that the family of the previous owner don’t give any importance to the library heritage. And that is sad…


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