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Barge Cunha

B.A. in Journalism from University of Coimbra

M.A. in History, Defense and International Relations from ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute

A Escriva

Law student in the University of Coimbra

João Poças

B.A. in Geopgraphy and Turism student in University of Coimbra


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41 thoughts on “About | Authors

  1. Hey there – I don’t know how you found me the other day, but I appreciate your visit and the fact that you took a moment to browse around and “like” something…letting me know you were there. I’ve enjoyed looking through your photos and reading a bit of your thoughts. Thank you for sharing as you do. Scott

  2. Thank you for liking my blog and Facebook page. I think your blog is brilliant! I am new here on WordPress so I am still discovering. But I have a feeling I am most certainly in the right place to get in touch with lots of interesting and brilliant people. Look forward to follow your work!

    Kindly, Alex

  3. There are photos which soothe the spirit and then there are those photos which capture mankind’s violent ignorance. I enjoy the duality of your posts…thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by American Liberal Times. I am very grateful and wish you all the best of everything that Life has to offer. If you think of anything you would like to see me write about on the blog–anything about American Politics—let me know and I will consider it. If you would like to leave comments on specific articles of the blog, please leave them for moderation and consideration. In the meantime, thanks again for your courtesy and your complimentary words of encouragement.

  5. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    You have done very interesting work here. I like History, too, but more towards reading than writing about it. I do hope you’ll continue with what you do. Wishing you all the best and keep sharing!

    Best regards,

  6. Notr sure I want to join your network, but I’d like to follow it. I assume join means being featured.

    I have a history degree and maintain a lively interest in that subject, as well as politics and poetry.

  7. Thank you for reading my blog. I found yours profound and stimulating. I especially liked your post on the use do words in a war! Interesting reflection.
    In comparison, I feel I am just travelling around enjoying myself. Bt I am finding that time to reflect, now I m retired is exactly what we all lack!
    Good luck.

  8. Barge,
    Well just as well, next time you plan on going look me up. We do treasure hunts at the Louvre the first Sunday of every month. And I’m thinking about doing a treasure hunt in the city this spring/summer (but have a full time job and baby, so time may not allow).

  9. Hi Barge,
    Thanks for the “like” on THATLou.com. If you ever want to go on a Treasure Hunt at the Louvre, you know where to find me!

    In the meantime your (collective) site is wonderful and thoughtful. Lovely to meet a fellow history buff.
    Kind regards,
    Daisy de Plume

    • Hello Daisy!
      Curiously, I had planned to go to Paris in the end of this mouth… Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to! But, more opportunities will come, I’m sure!
      Keep in touch!

      Best regards!

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