The Intouchables, the best friends

There are good movies, there are outstanding movies, there are perfect movies and there is the Untouchables – the story of two unlikely friends. This peace of art is based in a true story, aspect that arouses our attention. The directors, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, made a good representation of the French social state, as well as the social cleavages. We must reflect about the model of organization that reduces, constantly, the willingness to work. I am totally in favor of the social state,   but a reflection about its sustainability is needed. People should not search for a signature to show in the employment center, ensuring the maintenance to the unemployment benefits. The state need to supervise and avoid these attitudes. In the other hand, the social cleavages block the access to most of the jobs, reducing the possibilities of having a successful career. The movie is a very interesting story that made me think and smile. This is a proof that the European film industry, being not so strong as the American, can do very good things!


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