The Bravo Esmolfe Apple: the best in world?

The Bravo Esmolfe apple is Portuguese and unique in the World. Esmolfe, is also the name of the village where everything started, located in Penalva do Castelo – a county in the interior center of Portugal. It is believed that this apple is more than 200 years old, and it distinguishes itself by their scent, intense flavor, sweetness and unique sapid qualities. It is singular and excelent to health. According to some academic studies, this apple has phytochemical properties that help the human body to prevent various cancers. Accompanied by Serra da Estrela, its excellent to consume between meals or as a dessert. I dare you to prove!

By João Poças

The Medieval Enchantment

The Medieval Era is mysterious due to the absence of light. The age of Kings and Princesses with absolute power is over. Now, recreations of medieval environments is the only place where we can actually see the “people”, the clergy, the nobility  and the royal court… Enjoy the Medieval Fair of Santa Maria da Feira!


Ferreira, the Wine Cellar

Dear friends, the Witty Herald is back, after a long break. To mark this beginning we have a post about the Cellars of Port Wine. Some might think that this cellar is located in Oporto, but it isn’t.  It is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, which stands in the opposite riverside of the Douro. Although the cellar is more than 200 years old, it remains operational. So, this represents a good opportunity to try the best reserve wine and visit the historic cellar of Dona Antónia. Just for 5 euros!

Amarastii de Sus, the awkward village

In South Romania, there is a calm little town where the dead die twice. Strange? Indeed, but it is an ancestral tradition. People believe that the dead can return to disturb the living world. In their beliefs, the dead can became a Moroi, a kind of phantom. To avoid this, the villagers stick a stack in the heart or stomach of the dead. This remind us the Vlad III, the historical character that inspired Bran Stoker. And there is more. They cry the death of the loved one for 40 days, and leave a glass of water or wine in the window sill of the family house. Both measures to avoid the Moroi. Consequences? Well, the Moroi can dry the cows milk, weaken the men, floods and drought. Finally, Amarastii de Sus has nice taverns!

Vlad III, the Impaler

A precious tool to recover Southern Europe

Europe is facing a huge economic crisis, most significantly in the southern countries. What is the solution? We can work on multiple answers, and the tourism sector is one of them. We have a warm weather and a sunny landscape. The shores have beautiful beaches and the cities are filled with historic places. The wine and the food are divine! A bottle of red wine, cheese in homemade bread and a warm breeze are the perfect combination to begin the evening. The olive oil and the aromatic salsa turn every forkful into pleasure. We visited the International Tourism Exhibition, in Lisbon, in order to learn more about the sector. There are entrepreneurs, high quality products, suitable roadmaps and political will. Time is precious. Southern Europe is waiting for tourists.

By João Poças

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